S-22 Production Underway

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Due to focusing on the all new, high performance, catamaran, all boat plan sales have ceased (as of 30th November 2013). A revised version of the 9m folding mini-cruiser will be made available in the future.

Initially the S-22 will be available in a basic kit (2 hulls, centre cockpit, and folding beams). Other items will be available including netting, rudders, centreboard, mast, sails and customised folding, full bimini cover.

Visit the all new s-boat.com.au for more information.

A quote from the new owner of Zeavard

We are very happy with Zeavard now that we have given him a bit of a work out in our local waters. We now realise that a catamaran handles in a very different manner to a mono-hull. I have sailed Zeavard in some strong winds and some light conditions and we are becoming respectful of the way he handles. I'm impressed with the pointing ability of the yacht as it is as good as or better than my old boat (mono-hull). Also the speed is so much better allowing us to cover a greater distance in a shorter time.

S-22 Trailerable Catamaran


The all new hulls are well on their way and first photos should be available in November. The plugs and moulds are nearing completion.

After a lot of research I have purchased a lightweight aluminium wing mast. The idea of an all carbon-fibre mast is on the back-burner due to the costs involved and also due to the difficulty acquiring reasonable insurance. Although the carbon-fibre mast is something I am not currently focusing on, it may be available as an option at a later date.

A good quality set of sails have been organised. The sails are being offered at a great price which, with the saving of using the aluminium wing mast, will total over ten thousand dollars.

Nacra, who for the past 30 years has led the way in small off the beach racing cats (also a 36’ cat), have developed a new rudder that is a joy to behold. Yes, my all new S-22 will have the best rudder system on the market.

Looking further forward, to the new year, I will have a Shopping Cart setup with internet based payments for S-22 items

Solo Around Australia Attempt
First Leg

(Track for second leg is currently unavailable)

Len's Voyage

After surviving a violent storm 90nm northwest of Cape Leeuwin, WA I have decided to end my solo around Australia voyage after sailing 5,340nm (almost 9,000km).

Time permitting, with a decent window of reasonable weather, Zeavard could complete the circumnavigation, but due to work commitments, family and the need to get started on the new S-22 project it is not possible at this time.

Zeavard will now be put up for sale at the Port Bouvard Marina, 100km south of Perth, WA (Update: now sold). This sale will help fund my new project being the S-22 high performance folding catamaran which I will make available as a kit version with complete boat on trailer at a later date.

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Sea Trial

Zeavard’s “Fairdinkum” sea trial of 5,340 nautical miles (nearly 9,000 kilometres), sailed over fifty days, on my attempt to sail solo around Australia. 

This proved without a doubt that this mini coastal cruising catamaran is a very capable and seaworthy vessel indeed.  I sailed Zeavard in relentless 2-3 meter waves, 100-200NM offshore, for weeks on end. Much was learnt from this difficult voyage, with improvements being added to the updated version of the plans.

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