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5m Trailerable

The 5m(16'4") Bat Cat is a fun daysailer and is perfect for the whole family. It is fast, safe and stable with the ability to be sailed up onto the beach. All the picnic gear can be stored in the centre pod along with clothing and fishing gear.

This 5m trailerable cat is easy to build and won't break the bank.


Other designs, not listed here, include:

  • 7m Trailerable Catamaran
  • 9m Trailerable Trimaran
  • 13m Trimaran

11m Trimaran

This world's first 11m Re-rightable Trimaran sailed around the world, against currents and trade winds, by Triston Jones who claimed that this was the "safest sailing craft on the seas” and published 3 books about his voyage. Jones finished his voyage in Phuket, Thailand due to losing his second leg. For Jones’ world circumnavigation the mast was reduced from 46ft to 42ft which is not shown on the study plans.

This is a proven re-rightable trimaran launched upside down in 1980 and self righted by the designer in San Diego Bay.The main hull is a semi displacement hull with a large payload capacity. Sailing qualities are exceptional due to the smart keel which has inertia. In light winds with just the mainsail figure 8′s can be easily sailed.

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